Sound Blaster Z SE Soundcard

Sound Blaster Z SE Soundcard
Sound Blaster Z SE Soundcard
Sound Blaster Z SE Soundcard
Sound Blaster Z SE Soundcard
Sound Blaster Z SE Soundcard
Gross price90.00
Net price75.63
  • Manufacturer: Creative
  • Stock info: External stock - on request
  • Delivery time: External stock - on request
  • Stock status: External stock

High-performance PCI-e Gaming and entertainment sound card and DAC

The latest addition to our high-performance Z series of Sound Blaster sound cards, the Sound Blaster Z SE is a special edition of the series and comes with updated features designed for an effortless sound experience! Not only does it have the same high-quality sound specifications that have made its predecessor a long-lasting best-selling model, it has also been further enhanced with gaming acoustic profiles and microphone EQ presets, all with the aim of improving your gaming and entertainment needs.

For games
Get started right away with our Game Profiles optimized for the hottest games like PUBG and Fortnite, or further customize the EQ settings to really make your profile.

For voice chat
Choose from our list of preset Microphone EQs that compensate for your favorite headset's built-in microphone, so you sound more natural and clearer while communicating.

Audiophile quality components
Enjoy audio-quality audio with external, on-board digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that deliver 116 dB signal-to-noise ratios, audio-quality audio capacitors and gold-plated I / O connectors.

Sound Core3D ™ sound processor
Sound Core3D ™ is a high-performance sound and voice processor that speeds up advanced sound and voice technologies. We designed the quad-core Sound Core3D ly sound processor to remove the SBX Pro Studio Crystal and CrystalVoice ekter effects from your primary CPU.

Enhance your gaming experience with faster frame rates and dramatically excellent sound and voice quality.

Clean sound recordings with ultra-low latency
Enjoy reduced latency with support from Audio Stream Input / Output (ASIO) drivers, making Sound Blaster Z the perfect solution for high quality, low latency audio recordings.

EAN 5390660180972
OEM 70SB150000004

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